Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked by customers

How to check a boat before buying?

At Dockside Marine Surveyors, we believe it is important to carry out a thorough inspection before purchasing a boat. We can assist in identifying any defects in the boat, however, it is important for you to know what to check when making such a large purchase.

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How to get a boat inspected?

There are three major areas of a boat that need inspecting: The engine, the boat’s hull and the components that are in the boat. Dockside Marine Surveyors handles the hull survey for you, including all systems and components excluding the engines. Although we partner with expert engine surveyors.

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Should I get a boat survey?

If a used boat is under consideration, a survey is generally considered a must. Some of the reason included: – financing – insuring – uncovering any problems that are hidden from view and require a professional to spot – helpful in determining what repairs or upgrades may be necessary to get a boat into safe operating condition – determining the actual value of a boat

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What do marine surveyors do?

Marine Surveyors are specialist who conducts inspections, surveys or examinations of marine vessels and their components. Their primary function is to inspect, assess and report on their condition, valuation, as well as compliance with various standards and/or specifications.

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Who pays for a boat survey?

That depends on the type of inspection being completed. Usually, the prospective buyer of the boat will pay for a Pre-Purchase Survey, but an insurance or appraisal inspection would be paid for by the current owner of the vessel.

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