We are a professional Marine Surveying Service. We provide surveys when pre-purchasing a vessel (boat) and/or to qualify for insurance on your vessel (boat). We are a member of SAMS and ABYC Certified.
When a client hires us, we work directly for them. We don’t share the boat findings with anyone else. Anonymity is important to both our company and our customers.

Evan McLean

Owner and Professional Marine Surveyor
Evan McClean
"Getting a marine survey is smart insurance, as well as providing necessary information and assurance of the condition of the vessel/boat to better make educated decisions.”

At the helm of Dockside Marine Surveyors is Florida native Evan McLean. While Evan has a BS from the College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University, his knowledge of boats and his lifelong experience allowed him to form a successful business as a professional marine surveyor.

Evan graduated in the top 5% of his marine survey course with the Chapman School of Seamanship. He then mentored with the American Yacht Surveyors for two years, before becoming ABYC Certified and a SAMs Member. On a personal note, Evan is an Eagle Boy Scout of America Alumni and has owned and navigated boats throughout Florida and the Bahamian Islands, his entire life.